Reed's Market Fuel Rewards Program

Reed's Market Fuel Rewards Program

You will earn Fuel Rewards when making a qualifying purchase of $10.00 or more. Qualifying purchases exclude the purchase of lottery tickets, alcohol, tobacco products, postage, fuel, and gift cards. The total Fuel Rewards you earn is based on the value of your qualifying purchases excluding any sales tax.

Each time you make a qualifying purchase of $10.00 or more you will earn $0.01 off per gallon for each $10.00 in qualifying purchases, with a maximum reward of $0.25 off per gallon in a single transaction.

The discount applies on up to 12 gallons of gas. The discount will be redeemed on the first 12 gallons. If you purchase less than 12 gallons of fuel when redeeming your Fuel Rewards coupon(s), you will not be able to redeem the same Fuel Rewards coupon on a future fuel purchase. You may redeem up to 3 Fuel Rewards coupons in a single fuel transaction.

All coupons will have an expiration date on them and will expire (21) days from issuance.

Coupons are not valid for Pay-At-The-Pump transactions. You must pay Inside if you wish to redeem your Fuel Reward coupons.

Fuel Rewards can not be exchanged for cash. Fuel Rewards will only be issued during the transaction in which they were earned. Void if altered, copied, electronically or mechanically reproduced, or transferred.

Reed's Market reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, including qualifying purchases, the amount of Fuel Rewards issued, the amount of qualifying purchases required to earn Fuel Rewards, the number of Fuel Rewards which may be redeemed in one transaction and any of the options available to you on your Fuel Rewards coupon(s) at any time, with or without notice.